The First One

The philosophy of this blog combines two elements — “Eclectic”: selecting or choosing from various sources and not following any one system, but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems and “Meandering”: To follow a winding and turning course, sniffing the wind for the trace of an interesting scent and then pursuing that scent until the objective is discovered and the prey is defined to the point where it can be honed to perfection or abandoned as without value.

The author’s hunger for words is omnivorous. But, his attention span is limited because his mind is like a cat’s paw, limited in concentration, but inquisitive and always reaching out with an extended claw. Thus, he flits from place to place, unable to concentrate on one objective for long. Since the future cannot be foretold with accuracy, most writers draw their inspiration from past experience and topics that excite their curiosity. This writer’s experiences cover some 75+ years include coming to terms with his sexuality while in high school and college, eight years in the Navy, including a tour in Viet Nam, 40+ years licensed to practice law in California, including cases in every level of litigation up to and including a victory in the United States Supreme Court, eleven and a half years taking a 44-foot sailboat around the world (25,000 miles) and a long-term marriage, now clocking over 36 years. That background is the foundation on which this blog will rest. Enjoy.

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