I graduated from the University of Kansas in 1961 with a BS degree in journalism. After my time in the Navy, I decided to move on to law school and spent three relatively happy years before graduating and passing the California state bar exam in 1972. I practiced with a small firm in Oceanside, California for two years and an additional year with a civil firm in San Diego.

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, Kansas was a pleasant place to live. People were generally honest and friendly. Since its outlaw days, Kansas has always been relatively moderate politically. Some citizens find it dull; other simply an enjoyable, peaceful place to live and raise a family.

There are dark clouds over Kansas these days. As noted in the Los Angeles Times on November 21st., Governor Sam Brownback thinks his free-market ideas are the state’s savior. In fact, in February 2015, three years into supply-side economics, a large hole appeared in Kansas finances. Governor Brownback (locally known as Governor Throwback) chucked another $45 million into the hole with no apparent improvement. (Los Angeles Times, November 21st, 2016, page A5, c.1.)

Republicans are serial suckers for supply-side economic schemes that never, ever, work out in practice. This roughly correlates to hitting yourself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when you stop.

Kansas is now a “high-poverty” state with 30% of the families in the region receiving food stamps. Until the Kansas public understands that continuation of Throwback’s supply-side economics and finds some experts who can turn this train around, Kansas will suffer depression era hardships that will persist until competent citizens step up and take the helm.

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