Tom Price – Department of Health and Human Services Nominee

The president-elect has appointed Representative Tom Price to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. The major focus of Mr. Price’s legislative agenda is to roll back insurance standards prescribed in the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Price’s Republican objective is to curtail coverage as much as possible.

            One way to accomplish reduced coverage under the Republican’s alleged “Better Way Policy” would be to require Medicare to offer a fixed amount of money for the coverage of each individual. The biggest downside of this plan is that it leaves older Americans to fend for themselves if they need care that costs more than the federal contribution. Mr. Price’s stated purpose is to “restore to states the freedom and flexibility to regulate health insurance markets.” Given Mr. Price’s long-standing belief that elderly Americans should be held to a “root-hog-or-die” standard to obtain any government-provided health care at all; he believes that any additional benefits should be restricted; because they would only encourage people to take advantage of the system.

                                                                                    Robert H. Lynn

                                                                                    January 4, 2017

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